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Casey Buckles and the Keeper of the Ice Caves

When twelve-year-old geology buff Casey Buckles finds out he’s spending his summer in Idaho, rather than somewhere like the Carlsbad Caverns, he’s less than thrilled. The prospect of hanging with a bunch of strangers instead of exploring for rare stones was enough to make Casey want to barricade himself inside a rock quarry. 

Upon arriving at camp, Casey learns of a local legend involving hidden ice caves. Now this is something he can sink his rock pick into! With best friend Felix, an engineering enthusiast, and Ellie, a kick-butt girl who doesn’t let a disability slow her down, Casey formulates a plan to sneak off the campgrounds and find the caves.

But Casey’s rash decisions land the trio into the entanglements of the caves. To find a way out they must navigate a maze of lava tubes, complete life sized logic puzzles, and defeat the odd creatures. Challenging relationships push ‘not so’ hero Casey to the limits where he must keep his cool to survive or become a part of the legend.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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