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I'm a Steam"punk"!

What is steampunk? It's a type of science fiction typically written in worlds based on 19th-century industrial steam-powered machines. Think Jules Vernes' NAUTILUS or TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, also Emma Trevayne's FLIGHTS and CHIMES and MYSTERIOUS TIMES.

Many steampunk stories are set in an alternate Victorian era or even the American Wild West, but Issy's adventure is set in alternate 1886 New York City. What an amazing back drop for steam-powered inventions, gadgets, and flying machines.

And how about the steampunk outfits? So much imagination is placed into the costumes, using materials from leather and felt to copper, brass, and gold. The gears, rivets, and chain provide endless ideas on creating grand ensembles.

Steampunk is a wonderful world to escape to and dream about being in.

Are you a steam"punk"?

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