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Writing unlocks the characters and the whimsical thoughts they hold captive within our imagination.

-Dani Camarena


Summer camp in the mountains of Idaho could be the rock adventure of a lifetime for twelve-year-old geology buff Casey Buckles. With ice caves and lava tubes, the location offers rare stones galore. But when Casey discovers a cryptic note, threatening death to his family at the very place he’s headed, he must discover the dangers and protect their lives.

Arriving at camp, Casey learns about local folklore of ancient people hidden within the ice caves. Struggling against self-doubt and disbelief, he keeps the warning of danger a secret when convincing best friend Felix, an engineering enthusiast, and new friend Ellie, an aspiring legend hunter, to help find the caves.

But locating the entrance presents more problems than they bargained for and Casey’s impatient decisions trigger the first of many booby-traps, forcing the trio deep into a secret world. There they discover migrant clans who’ve kept their existence veiled for centuries and must now depend on three kids to save them from evil rule. To make it out, Casey risks it all in a fight-or-death quest of lava tube mazes, dangerous logic puzzles, and deadly creatures. Difficult relationships amongst the friends and impossible odds push Casey to the limits, where he must keep his cool to survive or become a part of the legend.

Thirteen-year-old writing and gadget-making enthusiast, Issy Garcia, dreams of bringing her inventions to life. Her latest creation, a novel filled with contraptions she can only hope to make, for now, at least until she convinces her scientist parents to share some space with her in their backyard barn-lab. But they don't agree with Issy's type of science and won't let her near their experiments.


When a mysterious storm hovers over the Garcia family's new home in Cornville, Arizona, and rogue lightning streaks through the house, Issy's parents go missing. In her hunt to find them, she discovers her mom and dad inside her book, trapped. She also learns the dangerous nature of their barn-lab experiments—tachyons and time study. Clues and ingenuity lead Issy through a wormhole, following her parents' trail, and landing her in an alternate 1886 New York City full of bizarre costumes, steam-powered machines, and automatons.


Convinced her writing is responsible for creating this world, Issy is determined to find her parents and shut down the hole. Not an easy task when Time Pirates are on her tail. Issy must navigate the streets of New York with clever street orphan, Mekasha, and calculate a way to get everyone back home before they're all trapped in a world of steam and odd tech forever.





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